Who can be in the cast ?

Gang Show is an activity of the Scout Association, and, as such, requires that those taking part recognise their duty to the Movement as a whole. The Scout Law and the Guide Law asks for honesty, trustworthiness, team spirit, and caring, and those guidelines and rules shape the way in which participation in Gang Show is governed.

To be a member of our Gang, you need to be an active member of Scouts NZ or Guides NZ. You need to be at least 11 years old by August 2021, and you can come from any Section of either Movement which caters for people 11yo or older. Of course, you can also participate if you are a warranted Leader in either Movement!

To be on Stage as a member of a Gang Show, and to wear the Gang Show Scarf is a privilege given only to those who are able to show their commitment to Scouting or Guiding in other areas. It is not really in the spirit of the Movement that anyone joins a Group with the sole purpose of possible participation in Gang Show.

In common with major shows overseas and in New Zealand therefore, we will ask you to show that you are an active member of Scouting or Guiding. No-one who is not a current member of a functioning section of Scouts or Guides can be a member of the Gang Show Cast.

If you are selected to be a member of the cast, we will ask you to spell out in writing your own commitment to the Movement and to the Show before you are formally accepted as a cast member.