What does it cost ?

Auckland Central Gang Show tries to keep expenses to a minimum. However, as with any Scouting/Guiding activity, there are some costs. Below are approximate costs and are broken down into two categories – “Fixed” and “Optional”. The cost of clothing in the case of “whites” can vary depending on what you need and where you get the items.

In regard to the optional costs again we have made an estimate as we do not have final costs until the orders are taken as again costs vary depending on demand.

In any case of hardship please contact the Gang Show Scout Leader.

Fixed Costs

Camp Fees including transport, white socks, make-up: $200.00

Optional Costs

DVD of the show: $35.00 (approximate)

Clothing (all costs indicative only): Sweatshirts $39.00 – $42.00, T-shirts $16.00, Polo-shirts $30.00, Beanies $18.00