In Memory

On this page, we remember those have gone before:  members of the Waitemata District and the Auckland Central Gang Shows who have passed away.

“Death ends a life, not a relationship.”

― Mitch Albom
Dean Russo 1973 Cast Member
Bickford Freeman 1991 Waitemata District Commissioner & supporter
Moira Lane 1994 Executive Secretary, Wardrobe
Peter Hathaway 1996 Cast Member
John Perry 1997 Photographer
John Haynes 2005 Sound and recording engineer, occasional script-writer, former member of the Manawatu Gang Show, father of 2 youth members of the cast. Photo
Alan Kempt 2006 Backstage and Sets
Phyllis Howard 2008 Costumes
Val Long 2009 Costumes
Norma Benns 2010 Costumes and Scarves
Randal Harding 2011 Cast member from 1969, Services Director, Props Master Read tributes
Dean Gillard 2012 Cast Member Read tribute
John Hargreaves 2013 Musical Director, Rehearsal and performance pianist Read tribute
Bob Long 2014 Props Master in 1970,71; Woggle-maker
Colin Browne 2014 Supporter from 1968, Area Commissioner, Ross’s father
John Dukeson 2015 Chorus Master, Backstage Security, Front of House VIP Host Read tribute
Bert Phillips 2015 Started as cast member and GS Scoutmaster in 1969; ACGS Executive; Props; Set Construction; Backstage
Ernie Howard 2015 Cast member; Props; Supporter
Hugh Fowlie 2017 Cast member
Rowan McCallum 2018 Sketch Director, Scenery
Joan Levison 2019 Wardrobe Misstress 1971, 1972
Richard Wilson 2021 Lighting 2009 – 2019
Mercy Freeman   Supporter
Jack Flower   District Commissioner, Executive Chairman
Gordon Hinds   Gang Show Scout Leader
Yvonne Herbert   Wardrobe Mistress
Ron Ravenhall   District Commissioner
Jim Dawson   Cast Member, Production Secretary
Rick van der Lee   Cast Member
Terry King   Stage Manager
Brian Davis   Props Master
Bill Blakemore   Set Construction
Robin Holst   Supporter and distribution facilitator
Joy Benns   Cast member
Ted Harding   Props engineer
Muriel Harding   Supporter and costume assistant
Tony Wolstenholme   Supporter

If you are able to provide the names of others who should appear here, or if you can provide the year of passing for anyone on the list whose date is not recorded, please contact the webmaster