Cast selected

We are delighted to inform all prospective cast members that you should by now have received an email informing you of the result of your audition.

Unfortunately, we were not able to accept everyone who applied, but our thanks to all who put themselves forward.  If you weren’t successful this year, just remember that there will be another in two years when you will that much more able!

If you have yet to receive an email from us, please contact Mary-Anne Powell

First rehearsal is on Sunday, 28 April…so head on off to your email; the show is about to begin!

Initial Cast List

We expect there to be some additions to this list before it is finalised.[raw]

[one_third]Parehuia Afeaki

Amohia Afeaki

Sian Arthur

Samuel Attard

Caroline Attard

Nicholas Bevin

Emma Billingham-Hooper

Olliver Bonner

Sophie Bonner

Samantha Browne

Ella Buchanan

Milan Caird

Oliver Cashmore-White

Hayley Chick

Taylor Clark

Ryan Dixon

Ryan Dodson

Carlos Flores-Lim

Francesca Flores-Lim

Jeremy Fraser-Hoskin

Osana Froggatt

Georgia Gibson

Aslan Goodwin

Jacob Gordon

Isabelle Grey

Olivia Hammond

Jake Hellawell

Anton Hellawell
[one_third]Elise Henry

Grace Hills

Jordan King

Alex Martin

Maddy McGreevy

Jayden Moore

Jessica Moverley

Bridget Moverley

Connor Murphy

Cassandra Newman

Nathanial Parsons

Sabrina Parsons

Liam Phillips

Megan Powell

Liam Pram

Casey Pram

Nikita Preston

Anna Rawlings-Blackmore

Fran Robertson

Caitlin Roscherr

Brecon Rose

Linden Rose

Morag Ross

Simon Roxburgh

Charlotte Salthouse

Aroha Schuurmans

Nicola Sharp

Kirsty Sharp
[one_third last]Caroline Shepherd

Ria Shon

Jessica-Lee Spence

Georgia Spinetto

Nick Tait

Evie Talbot

Katelyn Thomas

Hayley Thompson

Elliot Walker-Rendell

Zachary Walker-Rendell

Oliver Ward

Flynn Waterer

Jacob Welsh

Alesha Welsh

Kane Welsh

Rodney Wessel

Kelly Wilce

Jonathan Wilce

Nina Wilgar

Ben Wilkins

Elliot Williams

Lauren Williams

Emma Yelverton

Laura Young

Sarah Young