The Jimpys

What are they?

The Jimpys are awards for the best new original material written during the rehearsal season by cast, crew, mums, dads, friends or anyone else related to the Auckland Central Gang Show family. There are four sections in these awards.
They are:

  • Scripts for Sketches
  • Music and/or lyrics for a musical item
  • Dance concepts
  • Technical concepts; including costume, special effects, set and/or lighting designs

What do you have to do?

We want you to hand in your submissions to a member of the Production team. The submissions must be either a computer typed script (and .doc file), and/or a concept description (including drawings where appropriate) and/or sheet music with possible attached lyrics and/or a tape (or midi file). [Please don’t be afraid to ask members of the Production Team for any kind of assistance, we’ll be only too happy to help.] Why not get together with a few mates and put in a joint submission?

When will all this happen?

You have from now until the first dress rehearsal to hand in your submissions. The awards will be presented during the performance season.

What happens with these songs, scripts or concepts?

We hope to use the material in Gang Shows for years to come. Plus… the best ones will receive a Jimpy Award. This includes receiving boasting rights for the following year and a prize that will be announced closer to the time. (*Please remember that some of your entries will be used in future shows and may have to be altered to fit the show.)

Some Other Things To Note…

  • There are no ‘Royalties’ handed out for your artistic talents. – Just the satisfaction that your work could be used on stage to entertain many audiences – possibly ‘World Wide”. As a ‘Gang Show’ script it will essentially become the property of the Auckland Central Gang Show and can only be used by bona-fide Gang Shows at home or abroad with your name and the ACGS lettering alongside the title.
  • Sketch concepts can be comic, amusing or serious (or a combination thereof) but must be entertaining.
  • Dance concepts. With or without props; With or without special costumes or footwear; Modern; contemporary; Small group or full cast involvement; To music or percussion; etc, etc.
  • Technical concepts are best discussed with the ‘experts’ in the department concerned.
  • All work must be ORIGINAL and not plagiarised (Stolen!). New words to an existing musical tune is very acceptable, as are new ‘subjects’ to an existing format, provided that there is no breach of any copyright and the original author(s) are given credit (we do it all the time!).
  • Put your Name(s) and the Date of submission at the top of the page, along with estimated duration of the item.
  • It is a good idea to put your perception of the character types, age group, props required, stage setting (Front of Tabs, full or half stage etc.). You possibly had these in your mind as you wrote the item anyway, as it sometimes helps to visualise as you write.
  • Note that some of your entries (not just any ‘winner’) could still be used in future shows with some alterations or modifications applied to fit a particular show structure.

Hey, you could have ‘Boasting Rights’ (or should that be ‘writes’?). They could be yours for the following show(s), and the expectation that your artistic talents and endeavours (sketches or music) could be performed by other Gang Shows world wide with your name prominent in their show programme. (It’s warm fuzzies all round when that happens, no monitory rewards though!)

Why “Jimpys”?

Over the years of Auckland Central Gang Show productions, we have always been to the forefront of writing new Gang Show material. Of the numerous contributors, Jim Ponsford (one of the original 1969’ers) has produced a huge amount of work, principally sketches but also lyrics for original and other music. Jim was affectionately known as Jimpy, although his Scout name was Rata (a noxious creeper!). He encouraged others to write material and it is with some hope that these awards will foster future authors and composers that he has allowed us to use his name (and has designed the ‘logo’, clever lad our Jimpy!) for these awards. All entries will be added to our database for possible use in future shows. This is also a great way for everyone to have an input into their show.

(Note: The concept of ‘The Jimpys’ is based on a similar [and successful idea] called ‘The Ralphs’, used by Cumberland Gang Show in Australia)

Jimpys Brainstorming

The Concept First Approach…
  1. Think of a subject you’d like to write about?
  2. Write down everything you can think of about that subject, and don’t worry whether it’s crazy, irrelevant, way out of left field, etc. Just write down quickly anything that comes into your head.
  3. Now look for connections, themes, concepts that might come out of what you’ve written.
  4. Now you’re ready to write the words, think up the funny lines or draw the diagrams… Go!

(If you would like additional ‘helpful’ notes please ask the Production Team)

The Music First Approach…
  1. Start at the keyboard, or the computer or the manuscript page and come up with a catchy tune, a unique melody line “tag” or whatever, that will define your song.
  2. Make sure it’s got a structure, preferably with a recurring chorus theme.
  3. Now write some words to fit the timing of the notes.