Music for the show

This going to sound just great…!

Right…you didn’t get into this cast just because you look good! I mean, you look great, almost as young as I do, but the real reason we took you into the cast is because YOU CAN SING!!!

Being able to sing, and being able to sing the right notes (and the right words) are two different things, and so, to help you with the latter, from this page on this website you will be able to get access to a number of bits of music – pdfs of sheet music, MP3s of the music itself, and other stuff that will help you sing the right notes (and the right words) when you hit the stage!

Just remember…

ALWAYS breath by using your diaphram – that’s in your tummy! Don’t go raising your shoulders to take a big breath

ALWAYS endeavour to project the sound to the back of the room.

ALWAYS try to keep the note on pitch – don’t try making it wobble like a diva!!.

Blair Davies – Director

Dave’s Corner – the Chorus Master’s Collection

David Wallace+

Music Access Via Dropbox