Gang Show whites

This is our own special uniform (described below) and our overworked Wardrobe Department will provide you with ALL the items below.

However, YOU will need to provide white sand shoes with NO coloured markings. These are likely to be available relatively cheaply at places such as K-Mart or Farmers stores. It might be best to start hunting these out now so that you don’t suddenly confront your caregivers at dress rehearsal time with an urgent plea that they rush out and get them for you at the last minute. (You will also need to have appropriate whitening/cleaner for your sand shoes!) Guys with extra large feet – please work on the NOW!


Plain, long sleeved white cotton business shirt with no pattern on the fabric or coloured insignias. This is worn with the sleeves rolled up above the elbows.

White shorts, again with no pattern on the fabric or coloured insignias, and no belt

Long white walk socks.( These will be made available through the Wardrobe Department so that they all look the same)

Your red Gang Show Scarf, which will be presented to you if you don’t already have one.


Shirt, and scarf as for the males.

White ankle socks with no coloured markings.(These must turn over at the ankle)

Our overworked Wardrobe Department will provide you with a white skirt


Under the bright stage lights, coloured underwear shows clearly through the white clothing. Please make sure that your underwear is white or flesh coloured to save you a major embarrassment in front of the four hundred or so people in the audience.

AND while we are talking about underwear (and major embarrassments) please make sure that what you wear gives you sufficient support and keeps all your “bits” firmly in place.

Ladies, a firm sports bra.

Gentlemen, boxer shorts are no use in the theatre – fitting briefs, please. (Guys – you will have to start hunting NOW in order to find appropriate white underwear