1st Camp details

Falls Camp, Hunua

REASON FOR THE CAMP: We really would like to see you all enjoying the Fun at camp. It is an opportunity to get to know the various people in the cast and others associated with the Show. It is also when we do the casting and is the ONLY TIME YOU WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR MAJOR PARTS IN THE SHOW, as well as including about 5 hours of rehearsal, so not only will you be a bit behind if you are unable to be there, you could also lose any chance of being cast in a major role! SEE YOU AT THE CAMP!

DATES: Friday 10th May – Sunday 12th May 2019

PLACE: Hunua Falls Presbyterian Camp Check Google Maps

TRAVEL: A bus is provided but will not hold everybody, so Rovers & Leaders are asked to bring their own transport where possible. Pick-up points for the bus are:

  • Bus stop on St Lukes Road, St Lukes Shopping Centre, St Lukes at approx 6.30pm
  • Greenlane/McDonalds, Gt South Rd Remuera at approx 6.45pm
  • Gallagher Park Carpark, Alfriston Road, Manurewa at approx 7.15pm

Note that you should have an evening meal before catching the bus (dinner is not provided on Friday night at Camp).

You should be at the pick-up point most convenient to you at least 20 minutes BEFORE departure time. The bus will not leave before this time however all times are approximate only and can be affected by weather, traffic, unforeseen circumstances, etc. Don’t panic if there are delays – we will be there at some time!

COST: The all-inclusive cost will be $(To be announced) per head (to be confirmed). This has been subsidised by the Show, but, should there be any hardship, please contact the Gang Show Scout Leader.

COMING HOME: On the return trip, the bus will leave the campsite at approx 3.30pm on Sunday 5th May. Dropping off points will be as for pick-up, at approx. 4.15pm at Gallagher Park, Manurewa, approx 4.45pm at Greenlane/McDonalds, Remuera, and approx 5.00pm at St Lukes Shopping Centre.

WHAT TO BRING: You will need – usual camp gear (it gets cold!!!) including eating and washing gear…click here for a list of gear. You will be accommodated indoors on bunks (bring pillow). Wear your Group/Gang Show Scarf to & from camp. You will need activity wear; (you just might get a little muddy), and of course a tea-towel will be required!