Code of Conduct

As with all organisations there are a few rules within which we operate as members of the Auckland Central Gang Show.

Gang Show is a Scout and Guide activity. You are expected to conduct yourselves according to the promise and law of our respective organisations.

Wear your Scout or Guide uniform to and from rehearsals but leave any hats, lanyards etc. at home.

Wear soft soled shoes please and bring with you some loose comfortable and functional rehearsal clothes to change into. If you want a drink at afternoon tea time (we call it sludge) bring a plastic or otherwise unbreakable mug with you.

The stated time for rehearsals is our start time, not your arrival time. We expect all cast to have arrived and checked in with your P.L at least ten minutes beforehand, and be ready to start on time.

Bring your script and pen to every rehearsal. Look after your script: Don’t use it as a weapon. If you lose it, it will cost you to replace it.

Read whatever newsletter is published and note anything that concerns you.

Always inform the Gang Show Scout Leader if you are not able to be at a rehearsal. There are some “LEAVE OF ABSENCE” forms at the back of your script for you to fill in. Better still, don’t be absent.

The rehearsal venue is a no smoking area, both in the building and the surrounding environment before, during, and after rehearsals, and during the break time in the middle. Those unfortunate enough to be addicted to nicotine will just have to cope until they are on their way home! It is expected that no-one will be smoking whilst in uniform, anyway.

To the small number of you which have body piercing in various parts of your anatomy with rings, studs or chains attached, and/or extreme hair styles, e.g. dreadlocks, a No. 1 cut or non-natural colour: while it is entirely your own decision to wear these adornments or to choose these hairstyles, they will not be permitted on stage during the dress rehearsals or performances. While our Director is happy to clarify our policy with individuals, in this respect his decision is final.

You are expected to observe the rules of cellphone use that normally apply in schools i.e. no use of phones for txt/mobile telephony or photography at rehearsals or camp, or at any time the show is “working”. We would prefer if you did not bring them. If it is absolutely necessary to bring a cellphone to rehearsals (e.g. to arrange for transport) you are asked to leave your phone with the GSSL for the duration of that rehearsal or camp. Please abide by this rule – if you are found to be using a phone other than this code provides, we will have to impose disciplinary measures.