At the theatre

Arrival At The Back Stage Area:

Arrive at the theatre before 6.00pm for an evening performance, 12.30pm for matinées. This way there will be no last minute rush on the wardrobe or makeup teams to get you ready.

If you have ticket orders take these straight to the box office, just inside the main doors to the theatre, where Ann will be more than happy to relieve you of your money.

Always enter through the rear door direct into the dressing rooms. This is located down the driveway on the left of the auditorium. No one is to enter the theatre through the main lobby.

Get your name marked off on the roll by the door so as not to be responsible for the ensuing panic when we realise that you are not here for your performance.

Get into costume and be made up as soon as possible and then settle down and wait for the opening call. You have two hours to sweat it out on stage, so why do it off stage as well.

When the show is running, the responsibility is on you to know which item is on stage at that time, when you are required next, what costume you should be wearing and that your makeup is correct. When your call comes, move quickly and quietly up to the stage area.

No parents, brothers, sisters, friends, or anyone else who is not a part of our show is permitted in to the backstage area at any time.

Costume Care:

The many costumes that you will be wearing in the show have been patiently and lovingly sewn by parents and supporters of the show in their own time and often late into the night to meet our deadlines.

Regardless of how they look in the dressing rooms, the costumes have all been carefully designed and individually matched to produce just the right effect on stage under the stage lighting required for that item. There is a significant cost in producing these items for your use so treat them with care.

Prohibited Areas:

For your safety there are some areas in the theatre, especially back stage, that are strictly out of bounds to the cast. Most of these areas contain expensive and delicate equipment which would cost the show a lot to replace if it gets damaged, or are just plain dangerous (i.e. the fly floor above the stage).

We will try to arrange a guided tour at some time during the show to satisfy your curiosity but until then restrict yourself to those areas you have been told you can use.

In particular do not enter:

The stairs, backstage on P side and on OP side which lead to the lighting bridge, control room and fly floor.

The orchestra pit or ancillary rooms the orchestra use to store instruments and equipment.

The sound control desk at the rear of the auditorium when you are permitted in to this area.

The props room, just outside the P side stage door.