What if I can’t be there?

What to do if you can’t be at a rehearsal!

You were chosen from a large number of other applicants who were just as enthusiastic as you were to get a place in our Gang. You will see as the rehearsals progress, just how impossible it is to practice any staging or choreography if even only one person is absent from a formation. Not only that but you are bound to miss out learning some new steps, words, actions or script adjustments. You owe it to yourself to be at every rehearsal and do as good a job as possible.

If, however, you really do need to be absent, then let the Gang Show Scout Leader know well beforehand by filling in the absence form in your script and handing it in a week or two before you have to be absent. Note that there are only two such forms in your script – an indication that we really are expecting you to be at ALL rehearsals.

In an emergency ring him early, before he leaves home for the rehearsal.

Failing that try to contact your Patrol Leader.