All about Rehearsals

If you can’t find it here, it’s probably not worth knowing!!

Where…and when?

Where: The majority of our Gang Show Rehearsals are held at Remuera Primary School, Dromorne Road, in Remuera – of course! Map and directions A few rehearsals are not held in this venue for good reason. Here is the complete schedule of rehearsals and where they are held.

When: Most rehearsals will start promptly at 12.50am and conclude at 5.10pm Please ensure that you arrive by 12.40am. We have an awful lot of work to get through and only a few weeks to do it in, so we want to use up all our hours each week doing some constructive work towards the show and not waiting for people to arrive.

When you do first arrive, report immediately to your Patrol Leader and make sure you get your name marked off on the roll so we know you are here. Rehearsal times will be extended as time goes on…watch out for announcements. The schedule of rehearsals gives an indication of the likely times for some of these longer rehearsals.

What should I wear and bring?

Wear: Gang Show is very much a Scouting and Guiding activity and therefore we ask that you wear your full and correct uniform to and from all rehearsals and the theatre. Having said that, we do ask that you wear soft-soled shoes. Those of you who wear hats, lanyards or other such items as part of your uniform, please leave them at home also.

Bring the following:

  • Your script – once you have been given it.
  • If you would like something to drink during the break (we call it sludge) we will supply the tea, coffee, cordial … you will need to supply the mug to drink it with.
  • As you will be working up quite a sweat during the dance numbers, you will need to bring with you something to change into while you are rehearsing. We suggest a T-shirt and track pants (or shorts) and maybe a towel.


Our cast come from all over Auckland, from Henderson in the West to Pukekohe in the South and also from the North Shore. With the cost of petrol as it is, we suggest that you find out who in the Gang lives close to you and arrange a car pool. Your Gang Show Scout Leader can help you in this.

Name tags!

To help us identify you, and so that everyone gets to know everyone else you will be given a colour coded name tag soon after the first rehearsal. Please wear it as the colour coding identifies the vocal group you are in so we can keep the groups together during the choreography items.

What is expected of you?

Our production and support teams try to bring as near a professional attitude to our show as possible and from you, the cast, we expect no less, by this we require you to…

  • Enjoy yourself
  • Concentrate on the work at hand.
  • Sit quietly and use any “down-time” constructively. If you are not in any of the pieces being rehearsed at that time learn some words or practice a dance number.
  • Move quickly into position or to one of the ancillary rooms when asked to.
  • Not bring lollies, sweets or gum to rehearsals – even (especially?) in your mouth!
  • Not smoke! Sorry, smoking is not permitted at the rehearsal venue or on the grounds outside.
  • Not swear. Swearing easily offends and everyone is expected to refrain from using bad language and swearing.
  • Remember that, at all times you are representing the Scout and Guide movements, let your appearance and behaviour be of such a standard as to be a credit to you. Read the Code of Conduct.

Scripts….and a pen!

These are required at every rehearsal as it is impossible to really learn and concentrate when you are trying to read over someone else’s shoulder and it slows us down if you have to borrow a pen to make notes.

Many hours have gone into producing your script for you; please look after it as it is the only one you will receive. Don’t roll your script up, this makes the edges of the pages prone to ripping and makes them more difficult to turn over properly.

If you do lose your script, see the Gang Show Scout Leader.

Gang Show Patrols

Fairly early on in rehearsals, certainly by the first camp, you will be formed into patrols. While at camp, these will form the basis of the programme organisation and will operate in much the same way as in a Scout Troop/Guide Company.

At rehearsals these patrols will be used for things like handing on of messages and the hugely important task of “cleaning up when we have finished” each week. You will be needed for about ten minutes after the rehearsal if your patrol is on duty that week, so make sure those picking you up know when it affects you.

Your Patrol Leader is a most important person to you. They have been chosen for their abilities to help you out of the confusion that often confronts a new cast member. Occasionally Patrol activities may be organised outside rehearsals.

Things To Remember!

As the rehearsals progress you will be told at various times, dates by which we expect you to have memorised a particular piece. Please make sure you work on this as we will not allow scripts to be used for that piece after the deadline and you will stick out if you are the only one who doesn’t know the words. Get your friends or folks at home to help you. Blair will provide copies of the computer orchestrations, if you bring him a blank CD.

From time to time you will be needed for a special rehearsal either before the main cast rehearsal or after it. We will advise you the week before if you are needed. While we realise that these may at times be a little inconvenient, they form a very necessary rehearsal component, especially for soloists and specialist dancers.


While we do not wish to be unreasonable in this area and we understand that at times Gang Show can be a highly emotional time, it is important that you do not allow these aspects to interfere with your ability to perform your role within the Show, to the highest level you are capable of achieving.

That’s a polite way of saying that we are in the Gang to put on a Show – and NOTHING gets in the way of that aim. There are handsome guys and pretty girls in large numbers in the cast – but your purpose in being a member of the Gang is to make the performances a night to remember for the audience.


As the cast and crew gather together at the end of rehearsals there are always some who wish to address us. These people will make their announcements as short as possible. If you have an announcement to make please see the Gang Show Scout Leader or ask for it to be included on Facebook.

Departure From Rehearsals

Out of consideration to the neighbours, you are asked to leave quietly after rehearsals. It is most important, if we want to continue using these facilities, that we respect them in every way. Please stay out of rooms and areas we do not normally use.

Lost Property

Please make sure you have all your gear named…but if you have lost something at rehearsals, talk to the Gang Show Scout leader.


We ask that parents or friends wait outside to pick up cast members after rehearsals. Thank you.

Final Rehearsal Camp

The Final Rehearsal Camp is the last chance we get to put the final touches to the show. On the Saturday night we have a formal dinner for all those connected with the production and to welcome those cast members joining the Gang for the first time.

This camp is compulsory, there can be NO exceptions, sorry! That’s why we are telling your now…put the dates in your diary now!